Flash TV Series

The Flash TV Series Intro:

The flash is a popular CW superhero series that has been watched by comic book character Flash fans since 2014. It released on 2014 and when the art of comic book fans of all ages especially the DC comics.

In this TV series, Grant Gustin played the role of Barry Allen (The Flash) while the show is being filmed in the Vancouver, Canada. The show has an overlapping with other TV series of CW also based on DC comic book characterGreen Arrow”. CW has some other TV series based on other DC comic book characters such as Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Superman and Batman. Although only Arrow, Hawkgirl and Supergirl has appeared in the Flash but there are huge chances that in future CW will create a combine TV Show based on the Justice League of Dc comic.

Flash TV series
Photo: Courtesy of the CW / WB

Content review:

Although both have been shown in several overlapping episodes but both have their individual theme and content parameters related to the violence and nudity. Flash can be watched by the kids for it has least amount of nudity which is only shown in few episodes and within a certain limits. While Flash also is a heroic ideology with strong character and moral code.

Although the TV series has some violence as it is a crime fighting superhero show yet other negative aspects of TV shows don’t exist in it. Elements of smoking, drugs and drinking do not exist in the Flash TV series while consumerism is also kept at the minimum. Flash TV series can be considered a good show for kids because apart of violence it has, Flash TV Show provide their viewers with positive messages and role models. The violence part of the series can be controlled with the proper parental guidance.

Overall, Flash TV Series is a great source of amusement for TV show enthusiasts, comic book lovers and the viewers of all ages.


Barry Allen, the Central character of the story whose mother killed when he was eleven. She (Nora Allen) got killed by a strange thunderbolt having a face but no one believed him as a child and due to the lack of evidence, his father (Henry Allen) considered murderer of his mother. Barry’s custody as a child taken by detective Joe west who is a friend of Henry Allen. Acting as a role model and father figure for the Barry, he up bring Barry like his own son and make him live like a family along his daughter Iris West.

After 14 years later, Barry Allen grew up as an intellectual, responsible but socially awkward young man who works as an investigator with Joe West.  But even now he still haunted by the night when his mother Nora Allen got killed and has an aim in life to remove the murder charges on his father and catch the real murderer.

One night when he was doing an experiment in the lab as he is a science student, He got hit by the lightning bolt from the glass ceiling of the lab. After being in coma for whole nine months, Barry Allen entirely recovers from the accident but he feels something different about himself. He now has gained really extra ordinary speed at which he can move. Later he discovers that he has become the fastest man alive.

Afterwards he learns that the thunderbolt that hit him was not natural and out of the co incidence but due to the accident occurred in the particle accelerator system of the S.T.A.R Labs due to which the director of S.T.A.R Labs (Harrison Wells) loses his ability to walk in the accident. Life takes Barry Allen to the S.T.A.R Labs where H.R Wells work with two of his assistant (Cisco and Caitlin Snow).

Cisco and Caitlin both is master of their field, where Caitlin a scientist and Cisco a Mechanical Engineering genius help Wells at their best. They all are aware of Barry’s super powers and they start working on the idea that Barry should use his power to help the needy and controls the criminal activities in the Central city.

At that time after Barry Allen Gained super powers other Meta Humans came into existence due to the particle accelerator accident that gave Barry his super speed. But unfortunately most of the Meta Humans are bad guys and Barry has to protect the citizens from them.

The Flash Tv Series

Barry has achieved his purpose of life and has become “The Flash”. Barry Allen (The Flash) realizes his feelings for Iris that he can not tell her about. May be this is due to the secret he is keeping from her but he knows in his heart that sooner or later she will know about it. As life was going OK while fighting with different Meta human. After few months later, The Flash discovers that H.R Wells is not paralyzed and is the Reverse Flash. The villain who is having the same power as the Flash do and fighting him since he gains his super powers. In fact he finds out Harrison was the man who killed his mother at that night and from here the real challenge of life comes to Barry…..