The Flash Season 5 Episode 3

The flash season 5 episode 3 - The death of Vibe

Watch the Flash Season 5 Episodes, Extended Promo with Promotional photos and Spoilers of the new episode 5×3 Blocked. Read The Flash Season 5 Episode 3 description in which After Cicada’s assault on The Flash, the group acknowledges they have to conceive brand new ideas to stop this perilous new adversary. Urgent to encourage her folks, Nora concocts an arrangement that at last puts an individual from Team Flash in peril. In the mean time, Caitlin dives into her past.

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The death of Vibe

Following Cicada’s attack on the Flash, Nora comes up with a plan that puts a member of the team in danger.

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 3

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